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Meenakshi Sangolli

Our Advice

Dear Policy Holder,
I am Your Life Policy,

You and I have similar Vision and Purpose in this World.

Right now, you are doing your job i,e. Providening Food, Clothing and Shelter for your Loved ones. Over & above this, you are also providing for their Education, Health and Welfare. You undertake all these painstakingly while I sleep in your Strong Box, conserving my strength and gaining in value year after year.

I have faith and confidence in you. It is from your earnings that the cost of my preservation Prevails. God willing, nothing will happen to you.

It times like this, life is smooth sailing, I may appear worthless to you like a trifling lifeboat in a pleasure cruise. BUT there may come a day(beyond our power) that we may have to exchange places

When you are laid to rest, I will awaken… to continue and complete the work that you had begun. I will provide the food, clothing and shelter that your loved ones will need, to carry on with their daily lives.

I will also provide the education that you would have aspired for your loved Ones to complete. The health and welfare that you are providing for your beloved wife will also continue to be sustained.

When your tireless work and effort is done, mine will just begin. Through me, your work will be carried on, and I will look after them in your absence.

Whenever you feel that the price you are paying for my upkeep is burdensome, just remember that I will do MORE for you and your family than you can ever do for me

Yours very sincerely



Every father & Mother dream is to identify themselves with their children achievements

Only blessings cannot make your child Doctor or Engineer, Plan Today!! for your child’s Higher Education!!

No one will ask you, which is your car? how big is your house? only ask you what do your children do?

Pay Yearly a small amount and get good coverage and a good amount for your children’s education.

Contact for Best Education Plan, LKG to PG

A Son is a Son till he gets a wife, Daughter is a Daughter all her life

This is Mr. Sharma’s Daughter It is her Wedding Today!!

She is very happy !!
Do you know Why?
Because her father has not taken a single rupee loan for her wedding
Do you value your Daughter’s Smile?

Plan Today !! Be Relax !!

Important of Retirement Planning

Imagine you have a Tree Right ?

A tree grows DEPENDING on how strong its roots are, and those roots will DECIDE how tall the tree grows.
as the roots become stronger and stronger the tree becomes stronger and stronger. If you cut the tree
the roots will allow the tree to GROW BACK. However, if you CUT THE ROOTS, the strongest of trees will
eventually FALL DOWN.

And that’s the same thing with OUR LIFE, you see our roots are ABSORBING the nutrients from our income
and that income is deciding HOW TALL our tree grows. As soon as we retire, our income INSTANTLY STOPS
and that is the problem. Most people FORGET TO PLAN for that. as soon as your income STOPS, the strongest
trees FALL down, and that’s the REASON why you need to do RETIRMENT PLANNING.

What is this 28000 ?

28000 Days – Avarage number of days a person lives = 76.71 Years = 80 Years
There is four parts in this 80 age like
0 to 20 Age (Study, Play )
20 to 40 Age (1st Job, Probebly Buy a 1st Car, or Buy a House, Get Married, Kids)

40 to 60 Age (We Might Change job, or Business 2nd Job, 2nd Car, 2nd House, & Kids ready to finish their first of Life)

60 to 80 Age (We hope we Retire Now this part of life is most important, becouse there is NO INCOME

So we started with 28000 days if we subtract half of it which is 14000 days, We all have 14000 Days to achieve all our dreams
whatever we have, Now think where you are now in group of age ? and what is the time left to achieve your all dreams?

if you are in this period like 30 to 60 age there may be 4 fears !!

The 1st Fear : WHAT IF I CANNOT WORK TO 60?
The 2nd Fear : WHAT IF I DON’T REACH 60 ?

Don’t Wait.. Secure Your Future Today !! Plan Now !!

Everyone in the world falls under FOUR categories. The four categories are

Now let’s assume there is afamily who is comfortable. As seen from the drawing, this family ball is held at the comfortable
position when a person is at work.

If this person at work is removed, this family ball will usually fall down stright away to charity from family members.
So to hold this family ball at this point, we need to immediately put a pump of money because if there is no person
at work, we need to have money at work. The simplest way to do that is have FIVE TIMES YOUR ANNUAL INCOME AS INCOME PRORTECTION

This process is called income protection due to death or illness The only two reasons a person will not be at work is due to illness
or death.

I use 30 MINUTES to explain Health Insurance to him
He use 3 MINUTES to say NO to ME
Doctor use 3 MINUTES to tell about his Health Condition
Now he need to spend all his 30 YEARS savings

You can purchase Health insurance only when you fit and sound health

Plan Today !! to secure your health and Wealth !!

When you sick / Hospitalised Friends / Relatives bring fruits bouquets etc, when they come to see you
What if somebody brings cash!
which you can use for treatment & others Expenses instead of fruits/bouquets ?

Do you have Health Insurance ? If NO call us Today! for Best suitable Health plan to Secure your health and wealth!


Hi, I am Meenakshi Sangolli, Advisor LIC OF INDIA, HUBBALLI. 

Joined LIC since a year, With your co operation and continuous patronage, we have crossed several milestones of success in this profession, It has always been an endeavor of my team and myself to give the best to our customers in terms of quality of financial advice as well as post sales services. To ensure this. we have been constantly upgrading our infrastructure by adopting various technology tools from time to time.


You need not piece of finance, You need peace of finance

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