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Pampered Princess

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“Our customers are vital to us, so we constantly train our specialists to guarantee
that all medicines are of the most astounding standard and that every customer gets the best consideration”

The new Beauty and Skin Clinic will enable us to give customers the full range of corrective, remedial and preparing medications with the most expert and classified administration


Nothing can match the feeling you get when you glide your fingers over your face and feel that
soft and milky skin. Most of you follow a daily skin care routine at home. It might not be elaborate,
but it at least helps you maintain your skin. But once in a while, it’s good to let the professionals
take care of your skin. Yes, I am talking about the benefits of facials.

If you think that facials are nothing but a frivolous way to pamper your skin, you are wrong.

A facial is a multi-step way to take 360-degree care of your skin. How? That’s what I am going to
address in this article. Read on.

Benefits Of Facials

01. Reduce Stress And Relieve Psychological Distress
02. Cleanse Your Skin
03. Prevent Aging
04. Rejuvenate Your Skin
05. Facials Help Detoxify The Skin
06. Treat Acne And Acne Marks
07. Eliminate Whiteheads And Blackheads
08. Open Up All The Pores
09. Exfoliate Your Skin
10. Tighten Your Skin
11. Eliminate Under Eye Bags And Dark Circles
12. Facial Massage Promotes Blood Circulation
13. Facial Masks Make Your Skin Soft And Glowing
14. Boost The Absorption Abilities Of Your Skin
15. You Get Expert Care
16. Give You An Even Skin Tone

Manicure and pedicure are one of the best ways to keep your nails look healthy and beautiful.
This aide in the development of your nails. Having these treatments once in a while from a professional
nail salon is a must for both man and woman. Since we use our hands all day long while working in an office
or at home, we need to take proper care of them. Same is the case with our feet, we put so much pressure on
them, so it’s necessary to give them some de-stressing, pampering while visiting a nail boutique at least once
in a month.

For those who think manicures and pedicures are meant for some special occasions only, or they are just a way
to pamper yourself, might find it interesting that mani-pedi has several other benefits rather than just making
your nails look beautiful and clean. Visiting the best nail salon on a regular basis for manicure and pedicures
will provide your overall health and wellbeing benefits, especially in winters when your skin is dry and need some
extra pampering and nourishment. Regular visits at your nail technician will help in enhancing your nail health as
well as will keep your hands young, because your age is quite visible on the skin of your hands.

Here are some of the great benefits of manicures and pedicures done by a professional nail salon:

01. Increase in the blood circulation
02. Enhance the wellbeing of your nails
03. De-stress
04. Keeps hands and feet smooth and delicate
05. Healthy skin
06. Contagious Infections
07. Mental well-being

Face bleach is a purely chemical substance, its chief component being hydrogen peroxide, which is the bleaching agent.
The hydrogen peroxide lightens your facial hair, and makes your face appear brighter, fairer


1 – It makes your face look brighter, instantly
2 – It saves you the pain of threading
3 – It makes pigmentation marks appear lighter

Gold helps keep the collagen level steady and makes your skin firm, so that you don’t have a sagging skin- a sign of aging.
Gold helps in activating the basal cells of your skin thereby increasing elasticity. This in turn reduces wrinkles, spots,
blemishes, and fine lines, thus clearing up your skin.


01. Prevents premature ageing
02. Gets rid of your wrinkles
03. Reduces skin inflammation
04. Treats sun damage

What People Say About us.

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Elizabeth Sofia CEO

I love Pampered Princess!!! Not only is their work absolutely flawless and stunning, but their uplifting personalities and customer service are truly one of a kind!!!

Testimonial img 2
Jillian J. Dooley WordPress Dev.

I just wanted to thank Pampered Princess!!! for doing such a great job on my engagement day. I felt like a true goddess. Thank you for making my day extra special with your magic hands. I’ll be back for my wedding.

Testimonial img 3
Freda B. Walker WordPress Dev.

I’ve been to this Pampered Princess as a bride as well as used their services for other special occasions. Their job is flawless when it comes to hair and makeup. It stays well for hours which speaks to the quality of their work. Do expect to pay more than some other places.

Testimonial img 1
Jillian J. Dooley WordPress Dev.

Behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia and top consonantia, there live the blind the texts Separated.

Testimonial img 3
Elizabeth Sofia CEO

Behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia and top consonantia, there live the blind the texts Separated.

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